Why Britney Spears ‘Is Not Interested’ In Repairing Her Relationship With Sister Jamie Lynn

4 days ago


October 13, 2021 9:44PM EDT

After Britney Spears seemingly responded to quality of Jamie Lynn’s memoir, a root tells HollywoodLife exclusively that the popular prima has nary involvement successful mending her narration with her sister.

Amid her conservatorship tribunal battle, Britney Spears has been much vocal than ever astir her ineligible troubles, offering unprecedented comments connected the substance since the statement was enactment successful spot successful 2008. Notably, the popular star, 39, has been straight and indirectly calling retired members of her family, sharing posts that fans person linked to sister Jamie Lynn.

britney spears and jamie lynnBritney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn (RAMEY PHOTO)

Following Britney’s latest cryptic post that seemingly responded to quality of her sister’s impending memoir, a root has revealed to HollywoodLife exclusively that Britney has nary tendency to repair her familial ties with Jamie Lynn, implying that the vocalist views her sister’s caller publication arsenic a means to capitalize connected her precise nationalist ineligible battle.

“It’s bittersweet to say, but Britney isn’t each that amazed that Jamie Lynn is utilizing this accidental with the media spotlight connected their household to beforehand her ain book,” our root said. “Britney is continuously fto down by her ain family. It’s bittersweet due to the fact that Britney has a bosom of gold. All she ever wanted was to enactment her household earlier [the conservatorship] began.”

The root continued, “What saddens Britney the astir is that Jamie Lynn isn’t adjacent utilizing this accidental to talk retired successful enactment of her. At this point, Britney is not funny successful pursuing a narration with her sister. And who could blasted her?” After remaining mum astir her sister’s ineligible arrangement, Jamie Lynn broke her silence connected the conservatorship successful June pursuing Britney’s archetypal tribunal testimony.

britney spears and sister jamie lynnBritney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn (Shutterstock)

“I’ve made a precise conscious prime successful my beingness to lone enactment successful her beingness arsenic a sister, arsenic an aunt to those boys,” she said connected Instagram Story, referring to Britney’s sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, with ex Kevin Federline. “Maybe I didn’t enactment her the mode the nationalist would similar maine to, with a hashtag connected a nationalist platform, but I tin guarantee you, I’ve supported my sister agelong earlier determination was a hashtag, and I’ll enactment her agelong after.”

A fewer weeks later, Britney shared an Instagram station that called retired the “people closest” to her for their insincere support. She didn’t sanction anyone specifically, but fans believed that she was referencing Jamie Lynn. The latest imaginable shadiness came aft Jamie Lynn announced her renamed memoir Things I Should Have Said on October 12. Britney shared her ain Instagram station soon after, revealing that she was “thinking of releasing a book.”

Her caption was besides interpreted arsenic a excavation surrounding the contention of the archetypal rubric of the memoir, I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring it Out, a perceived motion to the lyrics successful Britney’s “Baby One More Time.” Jamie Lynn received backlash erstwhile the memoir rubric had been released successful July, but her steadfast released a connection that called the rubric “inaccurate.”