Why Dogs barred Pangai from immediate arrival

4 days ago

The Bulldogs opted against snapping up Tevita Pangai Junior instantly truthful they could commencement the caller pre-season with "a cleanable slate" and springiness those already connected their roster a accidental to "make a statement", caller footy brag Phil Gould has revealed.

Canterbury announced this week that Pangai Junior had committed to a three-year woody opening successful November, giving the talented front-rower a location after helium was told by the Broncos helium was unwanted.

Nine's Danny Weidler is reporting that Pangai Junior volition caput to the Bulldogs via the Panthers, aft agreeing to a short-term woody with Penrith for the remainder of this season.

Gould, who's little than a week into his occupation arsenic Canterbury's wide manager of football, explained the determination to not instantly motion Pangai Junior connected Wide World of Sports' Six Tackles with Gus podcast.

"We would conscionable similar to commencement with a cleanable slate travel November," Gould said.

"That's what we've budgeted for.

"At the infinitesimal we're successful past position, I truly privation to person a look astatine the players we've got and 1 of my archetypal priorities is to springiness each of these players (a chance)."

Tevita Pangai Junior crashes into the Titans defence successful Broncos colours. (Getty)

The Bulldogs are present based successful a hub connected the Gold Coast and Gould said helium had addressed the playing radical successful a Zoom call.

"I spoke to them by Zoom past nighttime for the archetypal clip successful campy up determination successful Queensland, conscionable a abbreviated speech to say, 'Hello, I'm here, if there's thing you request consciousness escaped to call'," Gould said.

"And [I was] virtually saying, 'Look, I'm wiping the slate cleanable with each of you, you've got a cleanable slate with me, you've got the past play of the contention to inactive marque a connection astir yourself, some arsenic an idiosyncratic and a team, and whether oregon not you privation to beryllium a portion of the Bulldogs successful the future'.

"And that's what shot is. It's bid hard, play hard, ne'er springiness up and amusement your accordant performance.

"I said, 'Whatever's happened up until present doesn't involvement me; I conscionable privation to spot what you tin bash from this constituent on'. I privation to spot if we tin get immoderate benignant of absorption from players that mightiness connected the fringe. I said, 'Whatever signifier your vocation is successful astatine the infinitesimal - doesn't substance however aged you are oregon however galore games you've played oregon wherever you deliberation you're posted - archer maine wherefore a bully decorativeness to the play would payment you astatine this stage'."

Tevita Pangai Junior arsenic a Bronco. (Getty)

In the meantime, Gould has the accidental to spot however Pangai Junior fares successful a caller environment, arsenic the Tonga planetary bolsters the Panthers successful their pursuit of their archetypal NRL premiership since 2003.

Gould understands Penrith's reasoning down attaining Pangai Junior connected a short-term deal, noting extent and the erstwhile Bronco's tremendous potential.

Front-rower James Fisher-Harris volition instrumentality to Sydney aft this weekend's clash with Brisbane for the some of his child and, contempt the Panthers' petition for him to beryllium granted an exemption, the New Zealand planetary volition request to walk 2 weeks successful a Queensland quarantine edifice earlier rejoining the squad.

In an further trial of Penrith's extent successful the guardant pack, NSW State of Origin workhorse Isaah Yeo volition request a interruption earlier the finals to freshen up, Gould says.

The rugby league guru believes the Panthers' short-term attainment of Pangai Junior was a astute call.

"It'll assistance the Panthers travel into the finals beauteous good refreshed and if they tin prime up a damaging guardant similar Tevita Pangai Junior it conscionable mightiness beryllium the quality betwixt beating the Melbourne Storm and not beating the Melbourne Storm connected expansive last day," Gould said.

"Tevita whitethorn get astatine the Bulldogs arsenic a premiership-winner travel November, which would beryllium a fantastic acquisition for him."

Panthers guardant Isaah Yeo. (Getty images)

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