Why Jon Gosselin Is Giving Up Dating & ‘Focusing’ On Himself After 25 Years Of Romances

4 days ago

Jon Gosselin is celebrating being azygous for the archetypal clip successful years and helium EXCLUSIVELY explained to HL wherefore it’s clip to enactment himself first.

Jon Gosselin, 44, has decided it’s clip to absorption connected himself arsenic helium celebrates beingness arsenic a azygous antheral for the archetypal clip successful years. “My plans are truly to absorption connected myself and music,” Jon told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY portion spending clip pampering with girl Hannah successful Los Angeles connected Nov. 20 astatine The Diamond Dentist’s bureau successful Beverly Hills.

“I’m much focused connected myself and being alone. New me, caller beginnings. My album’s coming retired and Casper and I are moving truly hard connected getting that out,” helium teased to HL. “Tour’s coming and I person to physique truly autarkic children due to the fact that I’m not going to beryllium location arsenic much, truthful erstwhile that happens, they’ll beryllium going to school. Hopefully they’ll beryllium astatine assemblage and I’ll get to spot them erstwhile I’m retired connected circuit and immoderate happens with that. I’m truly excited to get the circuit kicked off. It’s a portion caller world. It’s conscionable a full caller industry,” helium added of his upcoming vocation plans.

The begetter to twins Mady and Cara Gosselin, 21, and sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Aaden, Collin and Joel, 17, has has been successful back-to-back relationships for years. After gathering their mother, Kate Gosselin, 46, successful 1997, the 2 joined by 1999 — welcoming their duplicate daughters a twelvemonth later. By 2004, they recovered themselves parents again — times six — arsenic Kate gave commencement to their sextuplets. Their household beingness was documented connected their TLC bid Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Jon Gosselin checks retired girl Hannah’s diamond connected her bony aft treating his girl to a peculiar travel successful LA to The Diamond Dentist. (Courtesy of Pixie Productions).

By 2009, they mates divorced, besides splitting their kids: Hannah and Aaden decided to spell unrecorded with Jon portion their siblings remained astatine location with their mother. While Jon is hopeful that 1 time he’ll person a narration with his different kids again, helium admits helium hasn’t spoken to them successful rather immoderate time. Notably, Cara and Maddy are disconnected astatine assemblage successful New York City.

Several years later, Jon met woman Colleen Conrad and the 2 began dating successful 2015. The mates fell successful emotion and adjacent moved successful together, blending their families nether 1 roof. Shortly aft Colleen confirmed her bosom crab conflict successful Aug. 2021, it was besides confirmed that the mates had decided to spell their abstracted ways.

As a caller twelvemonth approaches, Jon is excited to instrumentality a measurement backmost and enactment himself archetypal for the archetypal clip successful his life. “I’ve been with idiosyncratic since I was 19-years-old,” Jon revealed. “Went from 19 to engagement to twins, sextuplets, TV, divorce, paparazzi, LA, New York, paparazzi, dating, azygous and now. I haven’t ever been me.”

Jon Gosselin poses with his kids Collin & Hannah astatine location successful Pennsylvania. (Courtesy of Jon Gosselin).

One happening Jon is not acceptable for is dealing with Hannah dating arsenic helium vows determination volition beryllium nary boys nether his roof! “No!” Jon said erstwhile asked if he’s OK seeing his girl with boys., arsenic Hannah hilariously added, “He doesn’t similar immoderate boys that I speech to!”