Why Kristen Stewart Sees Her SAG Awards Snub As A ‘Blessing In Disguise’

1 week ago


January 13, 2022 5:55PM EST

‘Spencer’ viewers whitethorn consciousness outraged that Kristen Stewart was snubbed by the SAG Awards but she’s keeping her chin up and hopes it’ll animate radical to spot the film.

Kristen Stewart seems to beryllium doing conscionable good successful spite of her SAG Awards snub. The 31-year-old histrion precocious starred arsenic Princess Diana successful Spencer and gave what immoderate would telephone an award-winning performance. However, she wasn’t adjacent fixed that accidental since her sanction was near disconnected of the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations. Fortunately, it seems the Twilight actress is handling it successful stride arsenic a root adjacent to the histrion EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife that she “feels that this could beryllium a blessing successful disguise due to the fact that radical that talking astir the alleged snub and successful her eyes, she hopes it gets radical to spot the movie and determine for themselves.”

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart connected the reddish carpet. (Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

“She enactment her afloat endowment and bosom into this performance,” the root continued. “And she wants thing much than radical to spot the film. Awards are bully but the designation that goes the furthest is radical seeing a task that hundreds of radical worked on.” A 2nd root spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY and noted that successful her extended 40-film vocation she has “never, ever been successful it for the awards” and that “these rounds of grant nominations this twelvemonth are not the extremity for her astatine all.” Even though playing Princess Diana was “no tiny feat to do,” it has motivated the histrion to lone instrumentality “roles that she knows volition situation her arsenic overmuch arsenic this relation did.”

Kristen was expected to beryllium nominated for Best Actress. Instead, that category’s honorees are Jennifer Hudson for RespectOlivia Colman for The Lost DaughterNicole Kidman for Being the RicardosLady Gaga for House of Gucci, and Jessica Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. The Adventureland actress gave it her each arsenic Diana Spencer. In the movie that focused connected Diana’s crumbling matrimony to Prince Charles, Kristen pushed herself physically much than ever for this relation seeing “how acold I could get, however skinny I could get, however bushed I could get,” arsenic she divulged to W Magazine.

Kristen Stewart W Magazine shootKristen Stewart rocks a canary yellow, tweed overgarment and mini skirt. (W Magazine)

Once the quality broke of her SAG snub, Kristen’s fans expressed their outrage. Many felt it was the champion show of 2021 and believed that she was successful contention to knab an Oscar. However, since she was near disconnected of the SAG Awards ballot, her chances of being nominated for an Oscar are surely lower.

Still, the Charlie’s Angels actress has nary regrets astir her performance. “Despite not getting a SAG nom, Kristen is truthful arrogant of the enactment she’s done implicit the years and that’s each that matters,” a 3rd root EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. All successful all, Kristen “has a existent passionateness for acting and has dedicated astir of her beingness towards it. She enactment her bosom into the relation arsenic Princess Diana and she’s honored to person been a portion of the Spencer film.”