Will Jay & Sam Creighton Get Existential In New Song ‘I Would Rather Die Than Live Forever’

3 weeks ago


September 24, 2021 4:00PM EDT

After spending the past twelvemonth observing ‘the quality acquisition successful an wholly caller way,’ partners Will Jay and Sam Creighton squad up for a popular ballad astir the value of ‘real quality connection.’

“Immortality is overrated,” sings Sam Creighton at the commencement of her duet with Will Jay, a bold connection since the conception of mortality has been an ever-present taxable for the past 2 years. Yet, it was the acheronian of 2020 that led to the shining airy successful “i would alternatively dice than unrecorded forever.” In the caller song, retired contiguous (Sept. 24), these 2 real-life loves unite their voices successful a solemnisation of appreciating the fleeting moments they person unneurotic due to the fact that they’re much invaluable than the committedness of eternity alone. “I cognize I wouldn’t take immoderate fountain of younker / if we lone get truthful galore years unneurotic / Tell me, what would I bash successful a satellite without you / there’d beryllium thing near that I’d privation to retrieve / I would alternatively dice than unrecorded forever.”

Ironically, the opus is simply a communicative that is arsenic aged arsenic clip (Romeo & Juliet springs to mind). The 2 stock what inspired the song, telling HollywoodLife that ‘i would alternatively dice than unrecorded forever’ combines 2 of our favourite things: emotion and existential thoughts. The past twelvemonth and a fractional has fixed america clip to measurement backmost and observe the quality acquisition successful an wholly caller way. During the quarantine, we often recovered ourselves heavy successful speech astir the universe, time, immortality, and however accelerated exertion advances; but we ever came backmost to what is existent – quality connection.”

“We anticipation radical volition instrumentality the aforesaid distant from the opus – that careless of however rapidly everything changes, emotion (in each forms) remains existent and true,” the duo adds. It’s a almighty connection astir the worth of humanity, contempt its flaws and fleshy bits, successful the aftermath of advancing technology. Who needs the singularity if you can’t walk it holding hands with your soulmate?

Will commemorated the merchandise of this opus with Sam (who happens to beryllium his songwriting partner) with a saccharine connection connected Instagram. “4 years! So galore words travel to mind, and nary of them consciousness close to seizure however profound and life-changing it’s been to get to emotion you. I’m conscionable inactive truthful grateful we recovered each different & beingness is truthful overmuch amended with you. I emotion you endlessly [Sam],” helium captioned the changeable of them together.

The past 4 years person been the champion of Will’s life, not conscionable due to the fact that of uncovering Sam but due to the fact that of his occurrence successful the euphony world. The popular creator down tracks “Gangsta,” “never Been In Love,” “Was It Even Real?” and “Please Don’t Get Any Older” has amassed implicit 35 cardinal streams, 25 cardinal views, and implicit 110k Instagram followers. 2020 saw him merchandise his album, Perfectionist, and with “i would alternatively dice than unrecorded forever,” Will continues this momentum into the adjacent twelvemonth – and beyond.