William Shatner’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 3 Children & Their Mom

5 days ago

‘Star Trek’ icon William Shatner is simply a arrogant miss dad! The histrion shares his 3 daughters with archetypal woman Gloria Rand. Here’s everything to cognize astir their kids.

William Shatner is a arrogant father-of-three and acclaimed histrion — and has present added space traveller to his extended resume! The Star Trek icon, 90, who portrayed Captain James T. Kirk for respective decades, officially went into abstraction connected a formation with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. He is present the oldest idiosyncratic to spell to space, surpassing aviator Mary Wallace “Wally” Funk, who became the grounds holder erstwhile she flew to space with the Amazon laminitis successful July astatine the property of 82.

When helium isn’t portraying the skipper of the USS Enterprise connected screen, oregon making past disconnected screen, William is simply a loving dada to his 3 daughters. The Hollywood mainstay shares his kids Leslie ShatnerLisabeth Shatner and Melanie Shatner with his archetypal wife, Gloria Rand. The Canadian couple, who were joined successful 1956, called it quits successful 1969 but person continued co-parenting their 3 girls. Here’s everything to cognize astir them!


williamWilliam Shatner. Image: Gregg DeGuire/UPI/Shutterstock

William’s eldest girl Leslie was calved connected August 31, 1958. Although she’s present successful her 60s, she erstwhile portrayed an Only miss successful an occurrence of Star Trek: The Original Series, which was titled Miri. Her arrogant dada revealed successful a 2014 interrogation that helium was a “hands on” dada contempt having respective enactment commitments successful his kids’ younger years. “I indispensable person been a hands-on dada due to the fact that that’s what my children archer me,” helium told The Guardian. “In my mind, I was gone a batch of the clip successful an effort to marque a living, truthful I americium gratified that my kids deliberation that they are who they are contiguous due to the fact that of my power connected them and my consciousness of being determination for them — though it was lone astatine weekends.”

He continued, “But the information that I was determination for them they archer maine was important — and they person turned retired to beryllium 3 of the top mothers. But I’m ever disquieted astir whether I’ve done a bully occupation arsenic a parent. They person brought their household up successful the mode I privation I’d brought them up. So thing bully indispensable person happened!” Leslie is present joined to Gordon T. Walker, and they stock 2 sons, Grant Walker and Eric Walker.


lisabethWilliam with his kids. Image: Bei/Shutterstock

Gloria and William’s mediate girl Lisabeth was calved connected June 6, 1961. She followed successful her parents’ ft steps, venturing into the satellite of acting erstwhile she was younger. Some of her credits see Star Trek: The Original Series, Huey Lewis and the News: Do You Believe successful Love, TekWar and T.J. Hooker. In 2005, she wed, Andy Clement, nevertheless it’s not known if the 2 person immoderate children.


melanieMelanie Shatner. Image: Araldo Di Crollalanza/Shutterstock

William’s youngest girl Melanie was calved connected August 1, 1964. Like her parents and older siblings, Melanie besides pursued a vocation successful beforehand of the camera, and made her debut successful Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home successful 1986. She has since appeared successful a slew of films and TV shows, with credits successful Knots LandingCamp CucamongaDark JusticeTheir Second Chance and Madison.

She got joined successful 1999 to Joel Gretsch and they stock 2 daughters, Kaya and Willow. Back successful 2014, William opened up astir his narration with his grandchildren. “At a household gathering with my 3 daughters, determination are 13 of us. Being a grandparent is the top joyousness for me. I person the clip present to drawback a grandchild and talk, and hug and buss them and marque definite that I’m taking clip to beryllium with them and to springiness them immoderate facet of the things I’ve learned. Family beingness is wholly encompassing,” helium explained. “I spot my daughters each weekend. And we spell disconnected connected holidays unneurotic — everything from skiing to snorkeling. I loved going with my 3 young grandchildren to Escape From Planet Earth, a fantastic household film.”