‘You’ Season 3 Scoop: Tati Gabrielle Teases Marienne’s ‘Heavy Past’ & Her Feelings About Joe

4 days ago

Exclusive Interview

October 13, 2021 5:44PM EDT

‘You’ returns for its highly-anticipated 3rd play connected October 15. HL got immoderate EXCLUSIVE scoop from Tati Gabrielle, who plays Marienne, 1 of the caller characters Joe comes crossed successful Madre Linda.

The Goldbergs are moving to Madre Linda to commencement a caller life, but tin they yet permission their aged 1 behind? Joe and Love Goldberg volition beryllium introduced to immoderate of Madre Linda’s finest successful the upcoming third play of You. Tati Gabrielle has joined the cast arsenic Marienne, who is simply a section librarian. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Tati astir what to expect from Marienne.

“She’s trying to find a caller beingness for herself,” the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina alum told HollywoodLife. “She’s got a dense past that is weighed connected her I deliberation the bulk of her beingness successful respective regards. She wants to permission that down and commencement implicit but beingness is making that precise hard for her.”

tati gabrielleTati Gabrielle with Penn Badgley successful ‘You’ play 3. (Netflix)

Given her librarian status, it was beauteous overmuch a warrant that Marienne and Joe would transverse paths since Joe loves his books. Joe has the precise scary quality to charm astir radical erstwhile helium archetypal meets them, but volition Marienne beryllium truthful easy swayed by Mr. Goldberg?

“He’s a charming guy, but I don’t deliberation so,” Tati admitted. “I consciousness similar Marianne has her wits astir her. She has her wits astir the full town, and she’s not going to beryllium swooned truthful easily.”

Tati said that she feels similar Marienne believes “Joe is conscionable similar the remainder of this town, conscionable a privileged achromatic guy. He doesn’t truly cognize what he’s got and is going to effort to schmooze and whatever.” Schmooze is 1 for connection it.

Tati GabrielleTati Gabrielle stars arsenic Marienne successful the 3rd season. (Netflix)

Let’s anticipation Marienne doesn’t basal successful Joe’s mode successful play 3. Remember what happened to Guinevere Beck? May she remainder successful peace. She loved books, too. All episodes of You play 3 volition beryllium released connected October 15. The archetypal 2 seasons are already streaming connected Netflix. Ahead of play 3’s premiere, You was renewed for a 4th season.