Amazon raises free shipping minimum to $35 for some customers who don't have Prime

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The Amazon Prime logo is displayed connected the broadside of an Amazon transportation motortruck connected June 21, 2023 successful Richmond, California.

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Amazon has started expanding the escaped shipping minimum to $35 for non-Prime members successful immoderate markets, according to notices connected its website, arsenic the institution looks for much ways to chopped costs,

Until now, the minimum acquisition for escaped shipping has been $25. Prime subscribers, who wage $139 a twelvemonth for escaped shipping and different services, volition spot nary change.

Shoppers who don't subscribe to Prime volition person to walk astatine slightest $35 successful bid to suffice for escaped shipping, up from a erstwhile minimum of $25.

Kristina Pressentin, an Amazon spokesperson, confirmed that the institution is investigating a $35 minimum for non-Prime members.

"We continually measure our offerings and marque adjustments based connected those assessments," Pressentin said successful a statement. "Prime members proceed to bask escaped transportation connected implicit 300 cardinal items, with tens of millions of items disposable for escaped aforesaid oregon one-day delivery."

The trial was archetypal spotted Ecommercebytes, an e-commerce newsletter.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has embarked on a wide-ranging reappraisal of the company's expenses amid slowing income and an uncertain economical outlook. Amazon cut 27,000 jobs, froze firm hiring and paused oregon canceled immoderate experimental projects. The institution also started charging transportation fees connected Fresh market orders beneath $150, and instituted fees connected immoderate returns astatine UPS Stores.

Raising the escaped shipping threshold could propulsion much shoppers to motion up for the Prime rank program, which includes free, two-day delivery, entree to streaming services and different perks. In 2021, Amazon said it had more than 200 million Prime subscribers globally. Subscription services, which includes Prime memberships, generated astir $9.9 cardinal successful revenue, according to Amazon's latest quarterly net report.

Amazon has tweaked the escaped shipping threshold for non-Prime members successful the past. In 2016, it raised the minimum to $49 from $35, past reverted back to the earlier threshold a twelvemonth aboriginal earlier dropping the minimum down to $25 successful an effort to vie with Walmart.

Walmart besides has a $35 escaped shipping minimum for shoppers who aren't portion of its loyalty program, Walmart+.

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