Here are the top 15 start-ups to work for in Singapore, according to LinkedIn

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The days of easy wealth for start-ups are gone arsenic interest rates soar and economic uncertainties loom.

But according to a caller survey from LinkedIn, these 15 start-ups person risen supra these challenges successful Singapore. 

In particular, fintech, acquisition and telehealth start-ups dominated the database connected the "LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2022″ for Singapore.

"But portion it's a challenging moment, immoderate reason that innovative ideas are calved successful times of uncertainty," LinkedIn said. 

"Operating nether constrained resources and constricted superior tin propulsion young companies to prioritize assets and values and accommodate quickly." 

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In compiling the list, LinkedIn drew connected in-house information collected betwixt July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, measuring start-ups based connected 4 aspects — employment growth, engagement, occupation involvement and attraction of apical talent.

To beryllium eligible, companies had to beryllium headquartered successful Singapore, person 50 oregon much employees, and beryllium 7 years oregon younger astatine the clip of calculation.

The nonrecreational networking tract said the rankings service arsenic a assets for employees who are "excited by the accidental to innovate" and to turn their skills.

Here's the afloat database of Singapore's Top Start-ups 2022.

15. Geniebook — E-Learning services
14. Carro — Automotive marketplace
13. Zenyum — Retail
12. Syfe — Financial services
11. Advance Intelligence Group — Financial services
10. LingoAce — E-Learning services
9. Spenmo  — Financial services
8. Cake DeFi — Financial services
7. ADDX — Financial services
6. Homage — Health attraction services for elderly

5. Pace Enterprise

Industry: Financial services

Full-time headcount: 120

Most communal skills: Digital literacy, concern management, integer marketing

New to the database is Pace Enterprise, a bargain now, wage aboriginal outgo level that allows consumers to marque purchases and wage astatine a aboriginal day oregon via 3 monthly payments. Pace has respective 100 points-of-sale crossed the portion and its marque partners see Apple, Japanese covering retailer Uniqlo, and question booking tract

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4. Endowus 

Industry: Financial services

Full-time headcount: 140

Most communal skills: Development tools, web development, integer literacy

Digital wealthiness advisor Endowus aims to assistance radical successful Singapore scope status goals and go much financially literate. The fintech institution offers concern proposal to retail and organization investors done its alleged "robo-adviser," according to LinkedIn. Clients tin put with cash, oregon with funds from their status savings scheme, known arsenic the Central Provident Fund.

3. Flash Coffee 

Industry: Food and beverage services 

Full-time headcount: 130

Most communal skills: Digital literacy, concern management, information science

Flash Coffee is different caller introduction to the database — it is simply a tech-enabled concatenation of java shops that connection a cupful of joe at affordable prices. Its app allows customers to bid and wage for java remotely, and past prime up their bid from outlets — oregon get it delivered.

2. Doctor Anywhere 

Industry: Health care 

Full-time headcount: 560

Most communal skills: Digital literacy, task management, information science

Doctor Anywhere is simply a telehealth supplier that aims to marque wellness attraction much accessible. Its mobile app allows patients to consult a doc rapidly from wherever they are. To date, it has served implicit 2.5 cardinal users crossed Asia, according to LinkedIn.

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