Get The Exact $5 Lip Liner Hailey Bieber Used To Achieve Her Gorgeous Glazed Look

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hailey bieber articulator  liner

Image Credit: Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock -- Art: Paige Kindlick

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An underrated measurement successful a constitution regular is adding articulator liner, which has the quality to marque your pout look fuller and bigger portion adding to the longevity of your articulator color. It tin bring your full look together, truthful it’s important to find the close shadiness for you. Hailey Bieber is simply a quality pioneer, ever creating caller trends for her followers to try. With her caller Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment releasing Monday, August 28, she gave a tutorial for however to champion utilize the caller articulator gloss with NYX’s Professional Makeup’s Slim Lip Pencil.


Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treat launches 8/28 astatine 9am pst. 🍓☺️ @rhode tegument

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Hailey applied the “Nude Truffle” shadiness for her cleanable strawberry pout, but determination are truthful galore antithetic colors to take from. If you’re looking for a neutral shadiness with a hint of pink, Peekaboo Neutral whitethorn beryllium the winner. If you’re looking for a darker shadiness for fall, get your hands connected the Mahogany.

nyx articulator  liner

NYX’s articulator liner is simply a large prime merchandise with a tenable terms tag. It’s blendable, long-lasting, and the cleanable consistency for applying connected your lips. Your lips volition get instant definition!

This articulator liner is simply a steal, and we aren’t the lone ones who are noticing. For NYX’s Professional Makeup articulator liner, determination person been 2,000+ Amazon orders conscionable this month! There are 37,598 reviews connected Amazon and customers are raving.

One lawsuit called it “one of the champion lipliners I’ve tried.” They continued: “This articulator liner is ace affordable and moisturizing. It is long-lasting and pairs with immoderate gloss. Would highly urge it!”Another idiosyncratic said, “every miss should person this articulator liner.”

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