Kathy Griffin Shows Off Wildly Swollen Lips After ‘Blushing’ Procedure: Watch

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Comedian Kathy Griffin poses for a representation    successful  Los Angeles
Kathy Griffin Portrait Session, Los Angeles, USA - 22 Mar 2018

Kathy Griffin arriving for The Recording Academy and Clive Davis' 2019 Pre-GRAMMY Gala astatine  The Beverly Hilton Hotel successful  Beverly Hills, California, USA, 09 February 2019.The Recording Academy and Clive Davis' 2019 Pre-Grammy Gala, Beverly Hills, USA - 10 Feb 2019

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Kathy Griffin, 62, got large reactions to her large lips aft undergoing a cosmetic procedure. The comedian shared a YouTube video connected August 24 detailing her “blushing” produced that progressive getting her lips tattooed and her eyebrows micro bladed backmost successful July. After the surgery, Kathy’s lips were highly swollen and she shocked her hubby Randy Bick and her histrion person Kristen Johnston with her caller look. Randy yelled, sh**!”, and laughed erstwhile helium saw Kathy for the archetypal clip aft her procedure. “I’m sorry,” helium said, arsenic Kathy acknowledged however antithetic she looks post-surgery.

Kristen was besides wholly startled and shocked by Kathy’s swollen lips. “I got my lips tattooed past night,” Kathy said to her friend, adding, “I’m f*****. Look astatine me.” Kristen didn’t judge that Kathy’s lips were “real” astatine archetypal but Kathy insisted she wasn’t pulling a prank. While talking to the camera, Kathy jokingly said, “Kristen thinks it’s noticeable. But we’re gonna spell to the 4th of July parade and I don’t deliberation anyhow volition tell.”

Near the extremity of the video, determination were respective photos of Kathy and her swollen lips aft the surgery. But the swelling stopped aft 5 days and Kathy’s lips looked amended than ever. The video ended with the gorgeous reddish head showing disconnected her caller lips and eyebrows. “In July, I decided to get my lips tattooed astatine Vale of Shadows successful Los Angeles,” Kathy wrote successful the statement of her video. “I besides added successful a small ‘I’ll Say It (Miami Remix)’ courtesy of yours truly. Hope you enjoy! XXOO, KG.”

Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin (Photo: Annie Lesser/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

Kathy spoke to PEOPLE after her “blushing” process and admitted that she didn’t foresee the large swelling successful her lips. “I didn’t cognize it would beryllium that bad,” she said. “I could not halt laughing adjacent though it was achy to laughter for astir 4 days.” Kathy besides revealed that her hubby who she joined successful 2020 was “scared initially but thinks they look incredible!”

The Suddenly Susan star besides said she’s blessed she got her eyebrows micro-bladed. “I similar this micro-blading thing,” Kathy said. “I had it done the archetypal clip astir 8 years agone and this is lone the 2nd clip I person had it done. Between the articulator tattoo and the micro-blading, I tin yet basal to look astatine myself successful the reflector without immoderate constitution on.”

Earlier this summer, Kathy underwent vocal cord surgery to reconstruct her dependable aft she battled lung cancer. She revealed her crab diagnosis and the country she had for it successful another online post backmost successful 2021. Part of her crab attraction progressive having fractional a lung removed.

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