'A strong message': What makes Paris different

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Australia's astir palmy pistillate Paralympic athlete, Ellie Cole, does not person the Olympic rings inked connected her - she has the Paralympic awesome - and she wants you to recognize why.

Earlier this week, Nine was announced arsenic the authoritative Paralympics broadcaster for Paris 2024.

The woody complements Nine's relation arsenic Australia's authoritative Olympic web and comes successful summation to its 10-year woody with the IOC announced successful February.

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Ellie Cole has swam to a grounds 17 Paralympic medals. (Buda Mendes via Getty Images)

According to Cole, having some the Paralympics and the Olympics connected the aforesaid web sends a beardown connection of solidarity.

"In Australia, peculiarly implicit the past fewer years, we've seen a batch of para-athletes integrate into Olympic programs and bid alongside immoderate of our Olympic champions, but successful the past, we person been treated precise otherwise arsenic athletes and seen successful a precise antithetic light," she tells Wide World of Sports.

"We're precise competitory and we've been trying to stock that communicative with Australia for a precise agelong time.

"So, to beryllium capable to person the aforesaid broadcasting program, to beryllium capable to ticker our Olympic counterparts and stock their stories and beryllium inspired by them arsenic para-athletes, earlier going implicit and doing that ourselves a fewer weeks aboriginal connected the aforesaid web is truthful important.

"It sends a truly beardown connection to Australia that the Games are the Games - it's not Olympics and the Paralympics - it's the Games and it doesn't conscionable decorativeness aft the Olympics."

A puerility crab survivor, Cole's close limb was amputated erstwhile she was conscionable 3 years aged to dainty a life-threatening sarcoma.

Having gone connected to forge a decorated 19-year vocation successful the pool, each portion navigating her carnal impairment, Cole is impervious of the powerfulness the Paralympic tone tin wield.

"As a idiosyncratic with a disability that lives successful this state it's rather confusing to cognize wherever you stand, successful a way," Cole says.

Ellie Cole celebrates with her competitors pursuing the women's 4x100m medley relay (34 points final) astatine the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. (Getty)

"Your individuality tin get a small spot lost, and successful the past, radical with disabilities person been perceived successful specified a antagonistic mode but present with the Paralympics, we are capable to bring affirmative airy and empowerment to those that person a disability."

With Nine showcasing the Paralympic Games, Cole says determination volition beryllium much opportunities to stock the galore unthinkable stories of Australia's para-athletes and springiness a unsocial penetration into the Paralympic movement.

"One happening that I've truly embraced being a Paralympian and being portion of the Australia Paralympic squad is the civilization of our team," she said.

"We person the values; loyal, proud and fierce, and we person a abbreviated but almighty bequest down us.

"As soon arsenic you measurement onto the Paralympic team, you each of a abrupt consciousness this consciousness of belonging that you person ne'er felt anyplace other successful Australia due to the fact that you've grown up with a disability.

"It's truly hard to picture to someone, who is not a Paralympian, however peculiar it is.

"I deliberation Australians get tiny glimpses of it each present and past and it makes rather an interaction connected them. But, the much that they spot our para-athletes and the much that they go portion of our family, the much that they consciousness that arsenic well."

With Australian audiences capable to much intimately travel and interact with the para-athletes' journeys to Paris, Cole believes the Games are definite to animate the federation similar ne'er before.

Ellie Cole was honoured arsenic Australia's flagbearer during the closing ceremonial of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. (Getty)

"I went to 4 Paralympic Games myself and person gotten to cognize astir 300 para-athletes implicit my career, and erstwhile you're successful a country with truthful galore astonishing radical that person had things hap to them that person wholly shattered their lives oregon turned their lives upside down, and they've been capable to inactive measurement connected the artifact oregon measurement onto the tract and bash immoderate unthinkable things, it's inspiring to beryllium a portion of," she says.

"And I cognize a batch of para-athletes don't similar to beryllium aligned with the word 'inspiring' but it genuinely is and I person been inspired by truthful galore para-athletes and I cognize that the remainder of the state tin beryllium too."

Australia's Ellie Cole (L) and Lakeisha Patterson (R) vie successful the women's 400m Freestyle S9 heats astatine the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. (Adam Pretty via Getty Images)

Asked about the biggest developments successful raising the level of para-athletes passim her career, Cole reflects connected the "massive" leaps guardant that person transpired.

"Beijing 2008 was my archetypal Games - I hardly adjacent knew what the Paralympic question was erstwhile I archetypal went," she said.

"Fast-forward 16 years to erstwhile I retired, for the archetypal clip para-athletes were being provided adjacent prizemoney by our authorities which was a immense measurement guardant for clarity successful particular.

"National sporting organisations are investing a batch much clip into processing jock pathways, particularly for athletes with precocious request impairments. 

"Para-athletes are besides present household names ... positive we person para-athletes that tin enactment themselves financially done commercialized sponsorship which was ne'er been imaginable before.

"I've seen immense changes from grassroots athletics each the mode done to the apical of the podium, arsenic good arsenic successful the mode that the state perceives para-athletes.

Ellie Cole is chaired disconnected by teammates Matt Temple (L) and Grayson Bell (R) aft swimming her last contention astatine the 2022 Duel successful the Pool astatine Sydney Olympic Park. (Matt King via Getty Images)

"I deliberation radical are truly seeing the interaction we tin person and are conscionable wanting to beryllium progressive left, close and centre."

Having retired from para-swimming pursuing past August's Duel successful the Pool event, Cole is present moving arsenic an ambassador for quality services supplier APM.

"I've seen what we're capable to bash with the messaging astir radical with disabilities successful athletics - similar unthinkable worldly - but if I look astatine immoderate different assemblage successful the country, that doesn't bespeak what we've been capable to bash successful Paralympic sport," Cole said.

"I don't privation each idiosyncratic with a disablement to deliberation that they person to beryllium a Paralympian to execute what they privation to successful life, but astatine the moment, the workplace doesn't let them to execute that either.

"So, I privation everyone to beryllium a golden medallist but successful each azygous industry."

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