Gun's shock request as Dogs set to suffer double blow

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Canterbury Bulldogs prop Luke Thompson is reportedly keen connected joining the Roosters aft an wounded ravaged tally astatine the club.

Thompson is connected a declaration worthy $800,000-a-season astatine the Bulldogs but could articulation the Tricolours for little successful a major coup for the nine aft releasing Matt Lodge to Manly and Fletcher Baker's determination to motion with Brisbane.

Nine's NRL newsman Danny Weidler revealed the Englishman's rumoured move.

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"It's an absorbing one, and this volition astir apt get radical scratching their caput a small spot but Luke Thompson is telling radical helium would similar to play for the Roosters for less," helium told Nine's 100% Footy.

Luke Thompson could beryllium connected his mode to the Roosters. (Getty Images)

"We've heard that communicative before. There's been an attack that Thompson would similar to spell to the Roosters and he's got an relation with (incoming adjunct coach) Justin Holbrook.

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"I deliberation there's a mates of different clubs that would similar Luke Thompson. I don't cognize whether (Phil Gould's) Dogs are inactive successful with a accidental of keeping him oregon if they adjacent privation him, I don't know.

"I bash cognize that Luke Thompson has been linked (to the Roosters), determination was an attack to Nick Politis, the president of the Roosters. It'll beryllium absorbing to spot if that goes through. I don't cognize however they acceptable him into the headdress though."

Bulldogs assertive marketplace moves continue

Gould, the Bulldogs wide manager, was asked whether helium thinks the Roosters could acceptable him successful their wage headdress and gave a sly response.

"Yeah they tin acceptable him in, they acceptable everyone in," helium said. 

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Weidler besides revealed that Connor Watson is apt to enactment astatine the Roosters connected a two-year declaration contempt Gould expressing his keen involvement successful the inferior to articulation the Bulldogs.

With a imaginable signing and re-signing spree from the Roosters, 1 antheral that could beryllium near retired is Drew Hutchinson, who manager Trent Robinson has likened to erstwhile cult leader Mitchell Aubusson.

Hutchinson's imaginable landing spots could beryllium the Bulldogs oregon Dragons, arsenic reported by Weidler but Gould wasn't consenting to remark connected immoderate interest.

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