'Inhumane': Mother hits out as assault case weighed up

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Leading officials wrong the Spanish Football Federation asked suspended president Luis Rubiales to resign aft kissing a subordinate connected the lips astatine the Women's World Cup final.

The heads of the determination bodies that marque up the federation (RFEF) made the petition successful a corporate statement.

"After the latest developments and the unacceptable behaviour that has caused large harm to the representation of Spanish soccer, the presidents petition that Luis Rubiales resign instantly arsenic president of the RFEF," the connection said.

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The parent of Luis Rubiales started a hunger onslaught successful a religion successful confederate Spain successful defence of her son.

Ángeles Béjar told the authorities quality bureau EFE she would stay connected hunger onslaught “night and day” until a solution is recovered to the “inhumane hounding” of her son.

Speaking extracurricular the religion successful the confederate municipality of Motril, Rubiales’ cousin, Vanessa Ruiz, joined his parent successful calling connected the player, Jenni Hermoso, to “tell the truth".

Hermoso has denied Rubiales' assertion that she consented to what helium called the “mutual” buss during the medal ceremonial aft the Spanish women's squad won the last successful Sydney.

In a connection Saturday, Hermoso said she considered herself the unfortunate of maltreatment of powerfulness and accused the Spanish shot federation of trying to unit her into supporting Rubiales. The federation deed backmost by saying she was lying and that it would instrumentality ineligible enactment against her.

Luis Rubiales kisses Aitana Bonmatí of Spain during the World Cup celebrations. (Getty)

On Monday night, the National Court's Prosecutors Office said it was opening a preliminary probe into whether the buss constituted a intersexual aggression offence and said it would springiness Hermoso 15 days to record a ceremonial ailment arsenic an alleged unfortunate of intersexual aggression.

Rubiales came successful for a tempest of disapproval pursuing the buss which was interpreted by galore arsenic intersexual abuse. Earlier during the medal celebrations, Rubiales besides grabbed his crotch successful a triumph motion portion successful the statesmanlike container and adjacent to Spain's Queen Letizia and her teenage daughter, Princess Sofia.

FIFA, the satellite shot body, provisionally suspended him for 90 days aft helium gave a defiant code and refused to resign.

Spain is hoping the country’s sports tribunal, which resolves ineligible issues successful sports, volition region Rubiales definitively. Victor Francos, caput of the government's sports body, said the tribunal has yet to pass it what it intends to bash astir Rubiales.

Francos besides expressed interest implicit however the contented whitethorn impact Spain's bid to clasp the 2030 World Cup with Portugal, Morocco and perchance Ukraine.

Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso is kissed by Spanish shot federation president Luis Rubiales. (Supplied)

The ungraded has caused a commotion successful Spain and abroad.

UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric criticised what helium called a “critical contented of sexism” successful sports, adding: "We anticipation the Spanish authorities and the Spanish authorities woody with this successful a mode that respects the rights of each pistillate athletes.”

Acting lawman premier curate Yolanda Díaz met with shot national representatives with a presumption to removing Rubiales and changing the mode equality issues are managed successful Spanish soccer.

“There has to beryllium a profound renewal of the sporting operation successful our country,” she said astatine a quality conference.

The Spanish shot federation was to conscionable with determination federations astir what steps to instrumentality pursuing FIFA’s impermanent suspension of their leader.

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