'Done his dash': Mundine unleashes on Latrell critic

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Anthony Mundine has ripped Clive Churchill's lad Rodney for a "massive insult" towards Latrell Mitchell aft his text to South Sydney president Nick Pappas.

In the scathing message, Churchill described Mitchell arsenic a "complete story who has the Aboriginal origin paramount and South Sydney second".

Speaking to 9News Sydney, Mundine was beardown successful his disapproval of Churchill.

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"That's a monolithic insult ... arsenic for me, and I reckon arsenic for Latrell arsenic well," helium said.

Anthony Mundine, Latrell Mitchell (Getty)

"We gully connected our radical for inspiration and motivation. Him being a arrogant achromatic antheral is wherefore they're going truthful brainsick due to the fact that they've got to effort and enactment him backmost successful his spot and interruption his spirit."

Calls person present travel to region Churchill from the expansive last ceremonial wherever helium presents the medal named successful his father's honour, to the player of the match.

Mundine believes that should happen. 

"He's done his dash. I deliberation if I was playing contiguous I wouldn't person that respect for him," helium said.

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After 9News Sydney newsman Danny Weidler told Nine's 100% Footy that Churchill has since apologised for his text, Paul Gallen questioned "what value does his sentiment truly have?", earlier predicting his relation successful the expansive last ceremonial volition end.

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"I deliberation that volition astir apt change, I deliberation you'll find this twelvemonth helium whitethorn bull a mates of boos if helium gets up connected signifier aft what helium said, which I don't deliberation was close astatine all," helium said.

"I deliberation it volition change."

Latrell Mitchell. (Getty)

Mundine was besides asked astir Mitchell's longevity successful the crippled and whether helium tin proceed to endure the disapproval he's faced passim his career.

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The Blues typical encouraged Mitchell to not fto his naysayers "break" him.

"It depends however strong you are mentally, that's what they privation to do, that's what they're trying to do, they're trying to interruption you my brother, they're trying to interruption you but you don't fto them interruption you due to the fact that you've got a beardown household down you," helium said.

"You've got beardown radical down you and you've got beardown fans down you, we're each successful your country my brother."

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