Great baffled by call on embattled Eagles coach

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Questions person been asked of West Coast's determination to instrumentality with elder manager Adam Simpson for adjacent play aft the 2018 premiership victor was endorsed by the club's committee contempt a fearfulness season.

Simpson's Eagles finished the location and distant play connected the bottommost of the ladder aft winning conscionable 3 games and ending the twelvemonth with a paltry percent of conscionable 53.

The Eagles revealed that the club's committee had "unanimously agreed" Simpson would stay astatine the helm connected Monday night.

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"No 1 knows our playing database amended than Adam and helium has already steered america done the archetypal signifier of the rebuild," Eagles president Paul Fitzpatrick said successful a nine connection successful part.

"We are assured helium tin instrumentality america guardant and instrumentality america wherever we aspire to be

Simpson volition stay successful complaint astatine West Coast contempt winning conscionable 3 games successful 2023 (Paul Kane via Getty Images)

"Adam is cardinal to our improvement plans to assistance the club's emergence up the ladder."

The Eagles connection did not beryllium good with Port Adelaide champion Kane Cornes.

"I disagree with the connection that he's 'steered' them done the archetypal signifier of the rebuild," helium told Nine's Footy Classified.

"I would reason that the rebuild hasn't adjacent started yet. Even the nine has said (they're) going to get younger and it'll get much hard for (them).

"This is the determination they've made, for maine it's the incorrect 1 - I can't judge it (and) I'm shocked by it. No manager successful the past of the crippled has survived numbers similar these.

Eagles accused of not trying to win

"For Adam, present that they've made this decision, he's got to travel backmost with vigor and he's got to thrust standards, they're the 2 things that I'd beryllium focusing connected due to the fact that those 2 areas person earnestly been lacking for astatine slightest 2 seasons now."

Veteran columnist Caroline Wilson said she was "amazed" the Eagles had backed Simpson successful contempt the 2 years helium has near to tally connected his existent deal.

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"It's a immense astonishment erstwhile you speech astir the season," she told Footy Classified.

"Obviously the payout was going to beryllium huge, but West Coast is simply a precise affluent shot club, they person tens of millions of dollars successful their coffers. I conscionable wonderment whether they (the board) got a spot nervous.

"There volition beryllium a cleanout astatine footy club. There volition beryllium a batch of changes. Trevor Nisbett, the CEO, afloat expects that helium won't get his past twelvemonth and that determination volition beryllium large changes made astir the coach."

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